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GE 3002 J  Rotors 

UNIT 1    1    HP ROTOR    SMO 1435061/ SMO 143508/ MAT 307178A    SOLD

UNIT 1    1    LP ROTOR    SMO 50783/MAT 264107A/ SMO 1184505/ SMO 1184509/ ,AT 252941A        
ESCO    1    HP ROTOR    145C4772-6-B/ 132D5760-2

ESCO    1    LP ROTOR     143D6610-1-0

EKO      1    LP ROTOR    678D686-1-A, 138C8855-1    
                    678D686-1-A, 678D691-GR1     
EKO      1    HP ROTOR    138C8843-1, 113D2825-1       
                    113D2893-1, 113D5443 G6

GE 5002C HP Rotor Completley refurbished with new compressor blades and refurbished 1st stage buckets. Rotor P/N 127D8316G2 Bucket P/N 887E0964 (NOT Directionally Solidified)Originally installed on Phillips Norway Ekofisk platform. NOTE: The 5002B and 5002C turbines utilize the same HP rotor assembly.  Ex Conoco Phillips Norway Location Texas
GE 5002A HP Rotor Complete Compressor Rotor Assembly P/N: 132D5853G003. Very Good condition. No turbine buckets (buckets can be furnished) Location Texas

GE 5002B/C HP Rotor Complete Compressor Rotor Assembly. Rotor P/N: 127D8316G2 Good condition.No. 2 journal undersize but matching bearing supplied. Ex. BP Alska 59000 hours total fire time. NOTE: The 5002B and 5002C turbines utilize the same HP rotor assembly. Ex BP Alaska Location Texas

GE 5002C HP Rotor Compressor Rotor Assembly, 50000 hours, Nuovo Pignone P/N SMO1165003, GE P/N 142D4874G006, ex Qatar Gas. Location: Dubai
GE 5002A LP Power Turbine Rotor assembly. Very good condition. 32000 hours total fired time. 2nd stage turbine Buckets (818E0645P002) presently mounted. NOTE: The 5002A, 5002B and 5002C turbines all utilize the same LP turbine rotor assembly. Ex BP Alaska Location Texas

GE 5001 L RotorUpgraded to M Prime total hours ?  Ex Bordens Chemical  Locatio In Texas

                         WESTINGHOUSE ROTORS

W191 Rotors 2 available, both have been inspected and one of the 2 is in excellent shape,the other Rotor has 3 cracked Turbine disc's. Ex Dominion Location  Texas

Note; The 191 Rotor with the 3 cracked discs has had the Turbine section removed to be able to use on of the good disc. The rotor skid has been modified for transport of the compressor section. Remaining Turbine section parts are available incliding one Row 2 Turbine Disc which was crack free.



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